It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot
Urban Legends

Microsite for DMX’s ‘It’s Dark and Hell is Hot’ album 20 year anniversary. The art direction is inspired by the idea of “white-hot” (enough to glow with a bright white light) and brutalist designs echoing the raw voice and nature of the artist.

“The story of It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot wasn’t the sales, because multi-platinum albums were commonplace back then; rather, it was the content. Here was a rapper bucking all trends, not aiming for airplay nor wowing with witticisms. The only thing DMX was selling was himself—every dark corner of his mind, every crime he'd committed, every hard lesson he’d learned. He was a jailhouse poet spitting street corner philosophy, and it worked. —Paul Cantor (Urban Legends, 2018)

Client: Urban Legends/UMG
Copy: Lauren Nostro

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