Concept for a Berlin based travel agency.

In order to explore the combination of powerful brand narrative, Americanism re-booted, and pioneering ways of communicating, our assignment was to imagine a fictitious hospitality brand, and then create brand touch points across print and packaging, motion and interaction, narrative spaces and emerging media. “The core of the project was to redefine Americana with a European millennial audience.

Our concept was inspired by the Beat movement, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and an anti-establishment approach to tourism, experience, and material goods. Travelers' individual preferences and unique interests are used to create a customized and unconventional tourist experience from a local Berliner's perspective. The experience allows the traveler to connect with locals and experience the city in a spontaneous and unregimented way.

This team project was created during my residency at Art Center's TestLab Berlin study abroad program.

Mentors: Sean Adams, Nik Hafermaas, Ming Tai
Designers: Robert Cha, Charlene Chen, Felix Soletic