College of Design

The identity refresh for takes elements that have been associated with ArtCenter over its 85-year history and remixes them in a way that provides flexibility in application and a strong and contemporary visual presence in print, in environmental applications and online.

For 85 years the dot has been in nearly continuous use as a symbol representing ArtCenter, with only two exceptions: the period immediately following World War II, when the dot—particularly when it appeared in red—may have had too close an association with the Japanese flag, and for several years in the late 1980s, when the dot was put on sabbatical and then quickly reinstated after an outcry from the ArtCenter community.  The form reflects the College founders’ interest in contemporary international design and the influence of the Bauhaus, but symbolically it also resonates with our Southern California location (in orange: sun, citrus, etc.) as well as the “here” that the word center alludes to.

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Role: Design, Identity Guidelines, Print, Motion, Web
Creative team (ArtCenter): Scott Taylor (CD), Winnie Li (SD),
    Eliana Dominguez/ Shirley Ma (Designer)

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