The identity supports Sonos’ updated brand strategy and is an evolution of the previous identity in taking a more simple, human and artful approach. The update includes new lifestyle/product photography art direction, product naming system, reduced color palette, and the addition of several new graphic tools.

Role: Designer
ECD: Webb Blevins, Dmitri Siegel
CD: Jonny Cardenas, Andrew Clark
CD–Digital: Ez Blaine
AD: Julia Jeanquenat
Creative Partners: Bruce Mau, Partners & Spade

Water is our most important resource. It connects our communities, and it sustains and renews us. But we understand so little about the water we rely on. Too often, we learn too late that a leak has wasted hundreds of gallons, cost thousands of dollars, and caused catastrophic damage.

Enter Phyn – a device that uses advanced pressure-sensing technology, to help guide water usage, prevent leaks, and connect users to a community that’s conserving our most important resource – water.

The brand came to life holistically through a logo and identity system, website, launch video, packaging, headquarter office design and various collateral pieces.

Agency: enso
Client: Phyn
CD: Jason Nichols
Copywriter: Daniel Hall
Role: Design, Art Direction

The Fires of Our Time


The Fires of Our Time examines the historical, cultural, and political circumstances surrounding the 1992 Los Angeles uprising. The riot erupted on April 29th after four white police officers were acquitted over the videotaped beating of black motorist Rodney King. Anger led to days of looting and burning, 54 deaths and $1bn (£610m) of damage to the city.

The design is brutalist in nature, and characterized by the crudity and violence of the imagery. Black and white lines are used throughout emphasizing division. The images are juxtaposed together in a fragmented nature, alluding to the chaos which occured throughout the rioting areas. 

Specs: 8” x 10” / Saddle stitched booklets



An organization focused on service—not profits—A3Ventures is the innovation lab and capital investment engine of AAA Northern California. We were tasked to develop the brand narrative and create a visual identity that reflected their core values and passion for serving people.

Agency: enso
Client: A3Ventures
CD: Jason Nichols
Copywriter: Daniel Hall
Role: Design, Art Direction



The updated identity takes elements that have been associated with ArtCenter over its 85-year history and remixes them in a way that provides flexibility in application and a strong and contemporary visual presence in print, in environmental applications and online. Visually, the goal of the graphic identity is to communicate both the essential character of ArtCenter and the idea of design itself through the bold use of elemental form, color and typography.

Role: Designer
CD: Scott Taylor
Senior Designer: Winnie Li
Design: Eliana Dominguez, Shirley Ma